Tuesday, 21 January 2014


One of my New Year resolutions was that i was going to make sure that once a week i had 30 minutes of ME time. A time where i could just relax in the bath with something yummy and a face mask a nice candle lit and just sit and do nothing for half an hour. So i decided i was going to go to LUSH and buy a few bits to start me of.

Bath Bomb - Twilight - £3.25 - LUSH 
I got drawn in by of course the colour & the stars and moon on it. 
I wanted something i could use before bed to relax me and just make me feel very calm this is a Lavender & Ovaltine fragrance. 

Bath Bomb - Big Blue - £3.25 - LUSH
This one was yet another one that smelt like something i could relax to. It has that Spa smell to it so it just instantly makes me feel relaxed again this has Lavender in it Citrus and also some seaweed. 

Bubble Bar - French Kiss - £4.25 - LUSH
There seems to be a bit of a theme to the scents i have picked so far you guessed it another lavender based one for me lavender just makes me feel so relaxed and although it is in many of the bits i got from lush it tends to be a background note but not with this one it is a very pure Lavender smell. 

Bubble Bar - Karma - £3.25 - LUSH
This one i picked for them days where you need a little pick me up! When i am feeling a bit rubbish and need a little boost this is the one for me super zesty Orange & Patchouli smell a great one for use in the morning to wake you up. 

Bubble Bar - Green Bubbleroon - £3.50 - LUSH 
This is perfect when all we have had is rain and all i want is to remember what it was like to sit outside with family & friends having a BBQ and a few drinks with the summer sun. This has that lovely refreshing smell of a meadow. This one doesn't make as many bubbles as the usual bubble bar but it does a little something more. It moisturizes your body really well with the centre that sticks them together is made up with coconut oil & Shea butter

Bubble Bar - The Comforter - £4.50 - LUSH
& Last but by no means least is this fruity bubble gum like scent is just like a big cuddle in the bath with big bubbles and a snuggle feel to it. 

Thanks for reading please feel free to leave me a comment about your fav products from lush! 


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