Thursday, 23 January 2014

Stila - Convertible Colour

Stila - Convertible Colors from - Beauty Bay - £16 (each) 

I am the type of person who has dry skin but with my skin routine i keep in under wrap and it always looks dewy and fresh. But i don't like putting powders on my skin as i like that dewy fresh glowing finish to my skin and powders tend to make my skin look very dry. I have never used Stila products before so i thought i would treat myself to these two lip & cheek creams. (review on the Stila water proof eyebrow pen to come)

Camellia - Peony

Camellia - Peony 

Top - Peony
Bottom - Camellia 

Products: I found these both very pigmented so you only need a really small amount on your cheeks. The Texture is really soft and very workable so you can really blend it into your skin to make it look natural. It gives a lovely dewy glow finish to it but not glittery like some dewy products you find. There is no scent to them so they perfect for sensitive skin (i have and not had a problem using these) 
I have used them on my lips i know a few people aren't that keen on using them on there lips but i found it to be fine it can go a bit dry so a good idea to use with a lip balm.

Colour: Peony - Peachy colour ( great for redder toned skin!) Camellia - golden tan colour 

Packaging: The packaging for these are beautiful they come in this lovely metallic plastic with engravings on the from, they also have a handly little mirror inside.  

This has honestly got to be one of my favorite make-up buys it is exactly what it said it would be and it is exactly what i wanted and hoped for it to be. I have brought and used many cream blushers but never been satisfied with any of them. But these two are just brilliant i couldn't rave about them enough! 

 Stila - Convertible Colors from - Beauty Bay - £16 (each) 


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