Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Lip Repair Balm

I bought this at the beginning of January, i have heard so many good things about her Eight hour cream that i thought this would be a good lip balm to try.

I have very dry lips that crack and split really easily i find i have to use a strong balm on them every day and every night but usually this only keeps them moist up until lunchtime when i am wearing lipstick.
The strong balm that i use isn't really one that can be worn in the day as it is quite a thick white paste so i usually end up then putting some lip gloss on to help cover the dryness up.

BUT... since using this lip balm by Elizabeth Arden my lips have stayed hydrated until around 6 at night. I apply it at night before bed and also first thing in the morning before my make up.
There is no colour in this balm and its not to greasy, thick, sticky or white. I find this makes your lips really smooth and soft also for me makes them feel like they are more plump.
It doesn't have a stinging sensation when you apply it although i thought it would as it does have a mint like smell.

It comes in at £20 - John Lewis - It is on the higher side for a lip balm considering i was paying £7 for the one i was using but when you take into consideration all of the positive things about this lip balm and how it has worked for me i would say it was worth its money.

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