Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Origins - GinZing Eye Cream

I brought the Origins GinZing eye cream about a 3 weeks ago as i had noticed my eyes had started to get dark circles under my eyes and some small what i would call "bobbling" i am sure some girls will be able to relate to what i mean. 

I wanted something to help refresh my eyes and help reduce the dark circles and i thought that this product would be just what i was looking for. 

The cream looks very thick and feels it to the touch but once applied it sinks in very quickly and it glides onto your skin like silk! You need a very small amount of this cream and it goes a long way. 

I can defiantly say that after using this cream for 3 weeks i can see a difference already with my eyes, the horrible dark tiered look is slowly going and after applying this cream it really does give a brightening effect. My skin in general is very sensitive to products and so are my eyes but this hasn't effected them in the slightest. 

This eye cream comes in at £23.00 - from Origins website and i personal this it is worth every penny. Having a little shop around for eye creams even some of the lower end brands came in at £12 i have used a few of these and didn't find i found any result. So when it comes to skin care i do feel that paying that little bit extra sometimes is worth it. 

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